Sunday, 4 August 2013

Season 1: Episode 1, 12:00:00 - 01:00:00

Ok I just want to start this by saying I feel under a lot of pressure already. Not only am I starting to watch something that is one of my Husbands favourite things ever, but I am also blogging about it and have already had requests to ‘get on with it’.

I am trying to go into this with no judgement. If you read the intro you know I have actually watched the first season but I am going to try and watch it as if it is the first time. I have pretty much forgotten everything that happened anyway.

Episode one:
I am shocked, firstly, by the quality of the shooting. It is awful! But Dan reminds me that it is old and hasn’t been shot in HD – obviously I have been spoilt by good quality filming in more recent programmes!
Unfortunately the ‘watching with fresh eyes’ has already failed slightly as I remember how much I dislike the mum Teri! There is something about her; she seems whiny, wet and always miserable. I might be being unfair but this is the impression I get from her straight away.

Anyway we start with Jack and his daughter playing chess, half way through the game (it seems, I don’t play chess but no one said check mate) he sends Kim, the daughter, to bed as it is a school night. It is obvious that the mother and daughter’s relationship is fragile, Kim favours her father and that Teri and Jack are newly back together after a recent split. Long story short, Kim sneaks out to go meet two boys at a furniture store with her mate – sounds like amazing fun huh?!  While Jack and Teri look around her room for clues he is called into the office. There is apparently going to be a threat made on the life of the possible future president – this is something that Jack already predicted which Dan thinks makes him awesome...

Jack heads to the office and George Mason, from ‘Division’, arrives to speak to Jack about this plot on the non-president / almost president, Palmer's life. During their discussion Jack is made aware that George isn’t telling the whole truth so Jack grabs a gun and shoots George, which seemed pretty extreme until we realise it is a tranquilliser gun.

Meanwhile Teri is looking for Kim and finds out who she is with because Jack got access (illegally) to her phone – I think these little bits point to the fact that Jack will do anything to get the information he needs, he will break rules and shoot people all to get information! Probably not a bad thing in his line of work I guess. Teri speaks to the dad of the girl that Kim is with and they meet at the furniture store – by this time the group have left.

The girls are now in the van with the boys and things start to turn sour. Turns out the boys' intentions weren't to ‘party’ as they originally thought but were to kidnap the girls! DUN DUN DUNNNN – I remember now that this was my favourite story line in the first season so apologies if I fixate on it!

Meanwhile we are taken to a scene on a plane with some creepy guy who is sitting next to a girl he doesn't know and doesn't seem like he wants to know. We come back to these two a bit later and they are getting on much better – she is really flirting, embarrassingly so, and he is loving it. She asks if he can show her one of his photos (this guy is a professional photographer apparently) and he picks up her magazines and says ‘this is one of mine’ – straight away I think this is the WORST chat up line, how gullible do you have to be?! But she laps it up and they end up joining the mile high club…. She is well easy.
Spoiler alert – it turns out that he isn't a creepy guy at all (well he is but not a baddie), she is the bad one… shocked even though I have seen this before. She ends up blowing up the plan and shooting out the side in a parachute, which, Dan and I agree, is pretty extreme.

Jack has now been called by his friend, Walsh, who is being shot at in this empty office space. Jack arrives to help Walsh and then the shooting breaks out again. Jack manages to kill one of the shooters and to get his ID he cuts off the bloke's finger!! Now I don't know about anyone else but this shocked me. There was no hesitation from Jack, it was as if that was a pretty average way to gain an ID from someone. Maybe that is how they all are, or are we seeing what extremes Jack will go too early on? They manage to get out but the old guy is shot. During his last moments he tells Jack that there is a mole in the team. Things are spicing up.

Now the girl that blew up the plane lands in a desert, changes, burns her clothes and then buries the ID card - of the photographer she slept with - in the sand. Almost as soon as she has left the scene someone on a motorbike rocks up and digs up the ID card – considering there is about 5 seconds worth of it being buried – it seems to me like she shouldn't have bothered and just left it out for the other person to find?! Just seems like effort for no real reason….

Now if you haven’t seen any 24 before, each episode ends with all the main story plots splitting on the screen so you are reminded of all the chains that are happening within the show. I think it is very clever HOWEVER it is proving hard to blog about – if you read this and think it is very fragmented then you would be right… I am hoping that as we go on I will find a simpler way of being able to write about each episode. But for this one I am feeling slightly confused trying to keep up so my blog is going to reflect that I guess!

Episode 1 down, 23 more to go…. 

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