Tuesday, 30 July 2013


A few weeks ago my Husband turned 30. To mark this occasion he created a list of things to do between 30 and 40 (he previously did a list to complete before he turned 30 so another list was expected). One of his things was to watch every episode of 24 one after another without stopping.

Now Dan and I have always disagreed about 24. I don’t understand the hype and he is in love with it. That might sound extreme but I don’t think it is considering that a few years ago he changed his name, legally by deed poll, to Jack Bauer. I managed to convince him to cancel it within the 24 hours they give you to get a full refund, otherwise he would have kept it for a few years at least. His favourite boys name is Jack, when I said no to that name he suggested ‘Kiefer’ or ‘Fox’ – obviously they were both no’s as well.   Since we have known each other he has tried to get me to watch 24 with him, now I would agree that I am an awkward cow if I had just point blank said no BUT I have actually seen the whole of the first series and made a decision, back then, that it wasn’t for me. I would think that that is good enough, I tried it, didn’t enjoy so end of. But no, Dan assumes that if I watch with him that I will enjoy it more…we will see.

So back to the list, I told a friend at work about Dan’s idea of watching them all at once and she told her colleague, long story short he came and spoke to me about it and told me about his friend who started a blog called ‘adventures with the wife in spacewhich is all about a Dr who fanatic who has convinced his wife to watch every episode of Dr Who while he notes down her reactions for a blog. The blog is brilliant; it actually made me interested in watching Dr Who myself just to know what Sue is talking about! Mark (the guy who told me about the blog) also gave me all the first 4 Dr’s so I could watch if I REALLY wanted to… I have managed two episodes, not sure how well I am going to do, I am definitely not committed like Sue. Anyway the reason Mark told me about this is he said I should do something similar for 24 as I like to blog. I loved the idea so this is me starting this project.

So far we have no ground rules, no time limit and no finish date – this could be the longest and least organised blog ever! In about a week we have made it through 3 episodes together, the only real reason I am making sure we watch is because I love the idea of trying to blog about it but we will see how long that lasts me…
Even though I have seen the whole of season 1, we have decided to start from at the beginning to refresh my mind as it was about 7 years ago I actually watched it.
Anyway I have been making my notes and so far have remembered a lot about the first season so nothing is really shocking. I will start from the beginning though so if anyone reads this and hasn’t seen 24 but wants to – maybe don’t read it! I am not going to keep secrets if any big things happen.
You have been warned!

Events occur in real time… See already know the introduction! I’m a good wife. 

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