Thursday, 19 September 2013

Season 1: Episode 3, 02:00:00 - 03:00:00

Firstly an apology - So turns out I need rules. This blog fell on its ass a, shockingly short, 2 episodes in!
My husband doesn’t think I should bother doing it as I am not as committed to Bauer or the project as I should be, his friend thinks that I will never really like or get 24 if I have seen the first series and never felt the urge to continue and I can’t look Mark in the face at work as I am ashamed by my lack of devotion to this project which was his idea!
All in all I have come to the conclusion that I need to stop right now or make sure I am committed enough to push forward. I am going with the latter.

The rules I have made are:
1    1)  Watch 1 episode a week AT LEAST
      2) Update the blog once a week
3    3) Write shorter more concise posts
4    4) Don’t go in so negative every time

Fairly simple, I hope.
As rule 3 states, I am intending on this blog having shorter posts. However the problem I face is that the show is so all over the place that it is hard to write it in any sort of order other than the way it is given. I’m working on it.

So here is blog number 3. I feel better about this already!

Episode 3 – only took me a month to get here… I am trying, and struggling, to get enthusiastic about this programme. At the moment there isn’t a character I love, there is no real story line I am engaged with and I dislike the main character Jack – controversial but I am being honest. He is bossy, rude, demanding and not hot! At the moment I have nothing making me root for him other than the fact I dislike most the other characters too… I am trying to decide who I like the most out of a bad bunch really.

This episode starts with a few of pissed off people. Jack is pissed off with Alan York as he was planning on leaving the shop rather than wait for the girls to return from their ‘Party’. And Ira is pissed off with Bomber girl’s girlfriend for keeping the ID card and demanding more money. A lot of anger for 2am!

Quite near the start of this episode it comes out that the two kidnappers are working for Ira (Ira is the head of the group I was calling ‘the terrorists’). Kim’s friend is moaning in pain over the broken arm so the nicer of the kidnappers injects her with heroin. I am shocked! I dono whether Kim is right in letting him do that or whether she should have stopped him… I honestly don’t know what I would do in that situation.

CTU – Jack is back there and has lied to Nina to get some time with Jamie so she can check out the key card and make double sure it is Nina that is the dirty agent. To stop Nina spotting Jamie at her desk he brings up her relationship with Tony and acts a bit jealous – good plan Jack, she still wants you so make her think you are still interested! During that interaction Jamie calls up to the office and confirms that Nina’s card was in fact used – she is dirty! I KNEW IT!

Kidnap – Kim has seen an opening for escape so she explains to her drugged friend what is happening and they get ready to run. These are the worst kidnappers ever! Seriously they just go off for a little chat leaving the van doors open and the girls untied – obviously they are going to make a run for it. Ira didn’t pick the best people for the job.

Now I know this is scene is set in lower Hollywood but jeez this neighbourhood is not a good one, the girls are running through back alleys with garbage everywhere while homeless male prostitutes are working… I am not sure what is more scary, the place they are in or the fact they have people after them! 

Palmer – So the last episode saw Palmer go missing just when there had been a threat on his life. We now find him in an underground car park waiting for someone whilst standing up to some street youths that are breaking car windows.
When the guy Palmer is waiting on arrives we find out a bit of back story about the family and why the call that happened in Ep1 was such a bad thing. Basically Palmer’s daughter, Nicole, was raped a few years back and the guy that did it killed himself. However the woman that called Palmer has had information saying that the boy didn’t kill himself but was killed and Palmer’s Son, Keith, is the one that killed him! That’s quite an interesting plot actually.

CTU – Jack confronts Nina, she denies it using the line ‘I can’t believe you would think I did’ and Jack, the sucker, falls for it! I am surprised actually, typical man. He has slept with her so doesn’t want to believe that she could do something like this and him not be able to have noticed it.
Jamie is called into the office and is told to then go through all that she found. One of the dates that Nina was apparently working on something dodgy was a date that her and Jack were away together. She is cleared… for now! It does make me laugh that not only does Jack believe her pretty much straight away but then lets Jamie show her all this information. Surely there must be a little bit of doubt left to keep you from uncovering all the information to her!

Kidnap – The girls find a guy (I can only assume a pimp) on the phone and ask him for help but he is obviously dodgy and refuses but the homeless boy (from earlier) hits him over the head and tells the girls to take the phone and run. The boy then gets beaten by the pimp guy and the girls run – doesn’t look like the homeless boy will make it! That’s quite sad really but he isn’t a bit character so doubt I am expected to dwell on him too long.

Terrorists – the bombers girlfriend is pushing for 2 million for the ID card so they have a mill each. Bomber, Mandy, agrees but you can tell she isn’t being honest. Ira finally agrees to the extra money after Mandy talks to him alone and they all go with the girlfriend to get the card. Once she has handed it over (SPOILER ALERT) she is shot by the lookie-likey. Mandy looks understandably upset but not surprised – obviously this was the plan. What a good girlfriend Mandy is.

CTU – Tony is suspicious again. I say suspicious but I actually mean jealous. So he makes a call and tells someone they need to come in a relieve jack of his command! Sounds bad and makes Tony seem like even more of a D**K!

Kidnap - Using the phone they stole, Kim calls Teri and tells her they were kidnapped and are hiding from the guys in north Hollywood. Not sure what help Teri will be as she has been useless so far! As they are running from the kidnappers Kim’s friend runs into an oncoming car and is hit. The car drives off and the kidnappers catch up to Kim and take her, leaving the friend in the road. 

Just as the episode ends the friend opens her eyes…she isn’t dead!

Episode 3 down, 21 more to go…